In Plants

At Matteini Tranquillo Nursery, the passion for their job and the continue research in the world of green, lead owners to continually propose new plants that are studied to be beautiful, resistant to diseases and with an increasingly positive environmental impact.

The special selection of a new cultivar of Cupressus sempervirens, named Cupressus sempervirens ‘Matteini’, come from their interest in developing and growing always the best pollen-free plants. The new product has the great advantage to be entirely sterile, so that the pollen is not produced and released into the air, avoiding annoying allergic reactions.

Moreover, their unique Cupressus is characterized by a bright green color and a robust look, as the very close internodes of the branches make it look elegantly compact.

Adopting this new kind of tree, you wouldn’t only add quality and beauty to your garden but also valuing the environment and people’s health!

Cupressus sempervirens ‘Matteini’ is available in different heights, from three to ten meters. Find more about it visiting our stand at LANDSCAPE next September in Battersea Park.