Butia capitata

Common Name: jelly palm 
Type: Palm or Cycad
Family: Arecaceae
Height: 300-400cm
Bloom Time: July to August
Bloom Description: Yellow
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Medium
Flower: Showy, Fragrant
Leaf: Evergreen
Fruit: Showy, Edible
Other: Winter Interest
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Product Description

Butia capitata, commonly called yatay palm, pindo palm or jelly palm. It is native from southern Brazil to Paraguay.

This palm is noted for its  comparatively short but stout solitary trunk which is usually covered with persistent leaf bases from the stalks of fallen leaves, arching, thick-textured, marginally-spined pinnate leaves  that often form a dense but loose crown, each leaf having 25-60 pairs of narrow pointed leaflets which are usually grayish green, but sometimes deep green or silvery blue, axillary flower clusters bearing tiny, yellowish, fruity-scented, unisexual flowers of both sexes (male with 6 stamens and female with 3 stigmas and a solitary pistil), and orange, rounded, edible fruits with a fibrous but juicy flesh surrounding a hard stone.

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