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In a world in which private space is getting smaller and smaller, people are looking for a way to ensure their privacy, which is under attack even in their own gardens.

In order to prevent neighbours from “spying” our private life, the landscaping industry decided to plant pleached trees, but this is a decision that hides a nasty surprise: usually pleached trees are plants that grow very fast and so controlling their growth could be expensive.

What’s the solution? At Matteini Tranquillo nursery you can find an exclusive and interesting solution: pleached trees of Camellias such as Citation and Sasanqua ‘cleopatra’.

The nursery staff has managed to grow a new line of pleached trees of Camellias in a rarely shape of clear stem cm 200 with espalier cm 120 high x 120 wide.

The slow-growth of these specimens is easier to “control” and, because they’re evergreen, we can enjoy the perfect privacy that their leaves guarantee us the whole year.

Furthermore, Sasanqua Cleopatra blooms between Autumn and Winter, Citation between Winter and Spring, so our garden would flourish all year long.

To enjoy Matteini Tranquillo’s exclusive production of Camellias pleached trees, visit their stand at the LANDSCAPE Show on 18-19th September at Battersea Park!