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Matteini Tranquillo

Our story begins in the early last century when Bartolomeo and Giovanbattista Matteini bought in S.Agostino, a small village at the doors of Pistoia, the terrains, and the villa, starting the production of ornamental plants.

The nursery, now as before, surrounds the eighteenth-century villa and the Italian garden to which you can access through a tree-centennial-holms-lined boulevard. Landscapers and garden designers are used to visit the garden in order to get inspiration for their works.
At the beginning of 2000, we built up a little agritourism renovating an old barn near our villa.

For Landscapers

For more than 50 years Matteini Tranquillo has been supplying the landscape market, contracts and landscape trade with a wide range of ornamental trees, shrubs, hedging topiary and more. We have developed the expertise and advise customers on all aspects of purchases. We can offer you a one stop solution for your project, delivering across Europe.

Matteini Specials

The passion for our work and the continue research in the world of green lead us to propose new species, exclusive products and plants that we carefully select in order to satisfy the requests of wholesales nurseries, garden designers and landscapers.