Our nursery extends for about 20 hectares around the eighteenth-century villa with the Italian garden. The plants are produced starting from little plants bought by selected growners in Pistoia, or directly in our nursery.

Then, young plants are grafted, sometimes by ourselves, sometimes thanks to local partners. In our nursery you can find a wide range of plants: it starts  from little plants to the spacemens.

Moreover, it’s possible to buy topiaries obtained by trimming shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes with a large variety of shapes and dimensions.

We grow locally products because of that we can prevent the presence of phytopathologies coming from uncontrolled  markets. For example, we have the olive tree trimmed to the Tuscan  shape that are free from phitopatology such as xilellla phastidiosa. Our olive trees don’t’ have this kind of  problems because they are totally  “zero-mile produced”.

For the irrigation we use a lake built by Matteini Tranquillo in 1960’s. Next to the lake is  a wet zone, that homes  a large variety of migratory and stantial birds, they can be observed from the sides around the lake.

In order to satisfy all requests of our customers we put in pot and in air pot a part of our plants laying them directly on the ground. This is a compromise between the settle pot system and the cultivation in open field; it takes more care but it provides  better guarantee for respect of nature.