170-270cm high 130-270cm wide


Each of our Taxus baccata bonsai is a unique piece. In fact when pruning we respect the natural instinct of the plant. Each of them is one of its kind, sizes are different and the bonsai style for each of them may vary.

Shakan style which is leaning, as a result of the wind blowing in one dominant direction or when a tree grows in the shadow and must bend toward the sun, the tree will lean in one direction;

Sokan style which has got a double trunk that is norma in nature. The double trunk style is common in nature but is not actually that common in the art of Bonsai. The two trunks will vary in both thickness and length. Both trunks will contribute to a single crown of leaves/canopy.

Moyoji style with its informal upright style is common in both nature and in the art of Bonsai. The trunk grows upright roughly in the shape of a letter ‘S’ and at every turn branching occurs.

The different styles highlight the reddish-brown barks which creates a beautiful contrast with the dark green of the branches.


Genus name is an old Latin name for yews.

Specific epithet means fruit-bearing in reference to the showy red arils.