Azienda Agricola Matteini Tranquillo, one of the oldest Pistoia nurseries, in Italy, it’s specialized in topiary and mediterraneas quality plants, shrubs, multistem, pleached trees, specimens, a wide range of camellias in different shapes and rare evergreen oaks such as Quercus myrsinifolia, Quercus phillyraeoides, Quercus rysophylla, Quercus glauca, Quercus ilex, and many others.

The nursery showcases their extensive range of plants across 30 hectares, where you can find amazing 35 years old multi-stem specimens such as Osmanthus ilicifolius goshiki, Quercus ilex and Camellia japonica.

One of Matteini Tranquillo Nursery’s key activities is to research and grow new variety of plants with the best resistance to plant diseases and excellents features.

After more than 20 years of experiments, the nursery staff has selected a new cultivar of Quercus ilex named Quercus ilex ‘Matteini’. The nursery’s flagship product, perfect to adorn gardens and parks, has shown through the years a strong resistance to cold weather and plant diseases. As the Quercus grow, its leaves become thicker and larger with a silver colour on the lower side and dark green on the upper surface, making the plant elegant and compact at the same time.

To see Matteini Tranquillo’s new variety of plants and speak to staff, visit their stand at LANDSCAPE next September in Battersea Park, where the new cultivar of Quercus ilex ‘Matteini’ will be shown for the very first time.