In Plants

Rarely we can find plants of Osmanthus ilicifolius goshiki in big sizes. But at Matteini Tranquillo nursery you can find them in multistem shape until cm 300 tall. In fact one of Matteini Tranquillo Nursery’s key activities is to grow variety of plants in new and unusual shapes.

In order to satisfy the increasing demand from landscaping industry about multi stem plants the nursery staff grown a new line of multi stem evergreen specimens with nice and compact head enriched by interesting blooming. Within this new line the exclusive production of Osmanthus ilicifolius ‘goshiki’ multistem cm 250/300 high has key role . In fact ‘Goshiki’, with its slow-growing and compact evergreen head, with holly-like, coarsely spined oval leaves marbled with cream and often tinged pink or bronze when young and clusters of small fragrant white flowers in the leaf axils in late summer or autumn, can represent a prestigious solution for private and public gardens giving them an elegant touch.

Because of their slow-growing these specimens available at Matteini Tranquillo nursery are more than 30 years old and their multistem shape makes them unique.

Some of amazing Osmanthus ilicifolius ‘goshiki’ multistem cm 250 high coming from Matteini Tranquillo nursery have just been required for an important landscaping work in London.

To see Matteini Tranquillo’s plants and speak to staff, visit their stand at LANDSCAPE next September in Battersea Park, where a solitaire of Osmanthus ilicifolius ‘goshiki’ multistem will be shown.