We are one of the few nurseries in Pistoia that owns a reservoir.

Tiziano checks the fertigation system daily.

The benefits of fertigation methods over conventional or drop-fertilizing methods are various.

  • Increased nutrient absorption by plants.
  • Accurate placement of nutrients, where the water goes the nutrient goes as well.
  • Ability to “microdose”, feeding the plants just enough so nutrients can be absorbed and are not left to be washed down to stormwater next time it rains.
  • Reduction of fertilizer, chemicals, and water needed.
  • Reduced leaching of chemicals into the water supply.
  • Reduced water consumption due to the plant’s increased root mass’s ability to trap and hold water.
  • Application of nutrients can be controlled at the precise time and rate necessary.
  • Minimized risk of the roots contracting soil-borne diseases through the contaminated soil.
  • Reduction of soil erosion issues as the nutrients are pumped through the water drip system. Leaching is decreased often through methods used to employ fertigation.