Wisteria sinensis

Wisteria are vigorous woody climbers with twining stems bearing pinnate leaves and long pendulous racemes of fragrant pea-like flowers in spring and early summer. W. sinensis is a large deciduous [...]

Taxus baccata – Bonsai

170-270cm high 130-270cm wide   Each of our Taxus baccata bonsai is a unique piece. In fact when pruning we respect the natural instinct of the plant. Each of them is one of its kind, sizes [...]

Camellia oleifera Matteini

Camellia oleifera Matteini ® was selected more than twenty years ago by Tranquillo Matteini, the founder of the nursery, and his son in law Tiziano. It ‘s a sterile variety thus making it [...]

Osmanthus heterophyllus Goshiki

Osmathus heterophyllus Goshiki   Rarely you can find plants of Osmanthus heterophyllus Goshiki in big sizes. At Matteini Tranquillo nursery you can find cm 300 tall multistem Goshiki.   [...]

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